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   Negin Ehtesabian  

Interdisciplinary visual artist, illustrator, and designer.

Most of her art practice has been collaborative new media, illustration, design, and intercultural art and research projects. Recently she is more focused on interdisciplinary and collaborative art projects, and picture books.

She is the co-founder of Sudden Gallery

and the  WDF show series,

and a member of the Techspressionism community, US 


nftart, nft, iran, pixel art, visual music, dot art, abstract art, iran artist, negin ehtesabian, neginete, iran artist, contemporary art
negin ehtesabian, neginete, art, illustration, iran artist, iranian illustrator, female artist, middle east art,

Curating the show
"We Don't Fall" 
Iranian Emerging Digital Artists
by Sudden Gallery

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We Dont fall digital art show
techspressionism_2021, digital art show, american contemporary art

IIS/ Iranian Illustrators Society

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