2020  Cartography and Visual Music series

2019  Writing With Four Hands, NPt

2020  Freedom of Expression, NPt


2019-20  Magic Carpet, GoogleEarth project, NPt

2019  Reading A Writer, NPt

2016-20  Scheherzade (Shahrzaad) Curtain

2019-20  Iran history series

2019  Preserve and Annulment

2016  Persian Garden, SaNg art projects

2012-16  Medusa series

2014  Jahan-Pahlevan Takhti, interdisciplinary project 


2012-13  Emerald, SaNg art projects

2011  The Box, video performance art

2011  The Wetland, Paper video performance 

2009 When in the Cave series

2008 Life and Lines

2008 Scheherzade On Rocks