2021  Notes/ Time Archiving

Interdisciplinary Art Projects

2021 "In Pieces" 


2019-20  Iran history series


Scheherazade (Shahr'zaad) Textile

2020  Cartography 

2020  Visual Music series

2019-21  Googled Earth, NPt Art project

2012-16  Medusa series

2016  Persian Garden,

SaNg art projects

2019  Reading A Writer, NPt

Video Performance

2004-14 The Void Cafe series 

2012-13  Emerald, SaNg art projects

2019  Writing With Four Hands, NPt

Video Performance

2020  Freedom of Expression, NPt

Video Performance


2014  Jahan-Pahlevan Takhti,

interdisciplinary project 

2011  The Box,

video performance art

2008 Scheherzade On Rocks 

2011  The Wetland,

Paper video performance 

2008 Life and Lines

2008 When in the Cave series

2020-21  Techspressionism