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Negin Ehtesabian RUMI.jpg

"Placeless" 2013

With the theme "Rumi Poems" about seeing the beauties inside

Has been selected and awarded in Oslo International Rumi Festival in Norway, November 2013

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1 013 copy.jpg

Adam and Eve, 2009


9 scan0005 copy.jpg

"Bicycle" 2016

  A woman riding a bicycle in Taliban Territory 

Negin Ehtesabian TehranEx copy.jpg

"The Cat" 2009

With the theme "Iran" (Iran map is a sitting cat)

Inspired by Green street protests in 2009/ Has been participated in the 4th Illustration Week festival of University of Tehran, January 2020

Solook Negin small.jpg

Niloufar, 2019

Inspired by the novel "Solook" by Mahmood Dolatabadi

2019 August, participated for the group art exhibition called "Near the Text", based on this Iranian writer books, in Nazdik gallery, curated by Mahshid Raghemi, Tehran/Iran

NeginEhtesabianBookWorkshop smLL
NeginEte Emmigration.tif
AChantThatLambsSing Drawingno1 copy

Tropical Flowers, 2015

Inspired by the book The Spell Chanted by Lambs by Reza Ghassemi 

87 11 Negin Ehtesabian-Card87 no1-Bull.t
RabbitHole 1.jpg

The Rabbit, 2010 /Marker and Pen

Descent-Negin Ehtesabian 86 (1).jpg
Descent-Negin Ehtesabian 86 (2).jpg
86 07 0a3 Deliverance-Negin Ehtesabian c

descent, 2007 / Mixed media (collage, pencil, digital)

Shaahr Negin Ehtesabian.jpg

The City Is A Prison Without You, 2010 /Pencil, collage, digital

Lilith, 2015 /Color pencil, pen, collage

NeginEte The Punishment copy.jpg

Bloody Cats/ When They All Gone, 2009

Inspired by Iran green protests in 2009/ pencil and digital

Published in the Green wall calendar 2010 in France called The Other Calendar to support the victims, and was selected for the exhibition in Illustration (Illustratie) Biennale 2012, the Blue Noise Department/ Netherlands, June 2012

z no05 copy.jpg
z no a07 copy.jpg
z no 07 copy.jpg

Strong Free Women, 2007

Some of the works for a series of cards with women's rights written on the back, in collaboration with the 100 Million Signature campaign, Iran

87 11 CharxoFalak 1 copy.jpg
87 11 CharxoFalak 2 copy.jpg

Carousel, 2009

Inspired by the play La Ronde/Reigen by Arthur Schnitzler 

Has been selected in Illustration (Illustratie) Biennale 2012, the Blue Noise Department/ Netherlands

87 09 -BAHAR-Negin Eht.jpg
87 05 Buterflyl-NeginEhtesabian1 jpgsmal

Cage of the Soul, 2008                                                        Like a Butterfly, 2008

These works were selected in the Annual illustration exhibition of the members of the Iranian illustrator's Society, in Momayez gallery, Iran Artists' House, Tehran/ Iran 2008 October/ and "Like a Butterfly" was published as a postal card by Iranian illustrator's Society

10 95 p2 copy.jpg

Monologue, 2015

mixed media

1 neg.jpg

The City Is A Prison Without You, 2010

found object, photography, pen, digital

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87 07 GolMorqXorus-NeginEhtesabian.tif
85 12 Marquez-Neg Ehtesabian2.jpg
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