Jahan-Pahlevan Takhti, 2014

 interdisciplinary project: interactive street art project

It was exhibited in the group intermedia show “Jahan-Pahlevan” Takhti at Shirin Gallery, Tehran/ Iran, January 2015

The show was dedicated to the memory of the Portrayal of Gholam Reza Takhti, a national athlete figure.

My idea for this project was to bring this national hero to society after 50 years of his tragic death, taking his portrait to the streets, among the people of Tehran, and document their reactions, listen to their stories of him or telling stories about him to some younger generation who might not know him. Sometimes it seems that people know new Hollywood superheroes more than their national heroes and it was an investigation to see if this is true.  Gladly, it wasn’t!  And most people, young and old, recognized him in a blink, even with those graphical colorful portraits of him that I made. It was research-based street art, and the process was documented by photos and videos in Tehran streets in the Summer of 2014.  +  +  +

Photos of the exhibition

6 (1).jpg
غلامرضا تختی+ gholamreza takhti, negin ehtesabian, shirin gallery

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