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"We Two, Alone!" 2012
Written by Negin Ehtesabian
Published by Nashr-e Shaahr Publication

It's a diary book of two teenage friends, trying to get the best of their summer holiday. They love walking in the streets and visiting different places in the city, so they create a project about the city's art objects, specifically, sculptures; so they can have permission to spend so much time together outdoors. They write about all they do in their diary in a playful comic way, all about what they learn about life in an indirect way, and especially growing up and female empowering and friendship. In the end, they know more about what they really want to be in the future and stand for themselves.
I wrote it as a part of a collection of books of Tehran City Council for young adults about Tehran.
The book was banned after a year because it was teaching girls about feminism and indipendence! 

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