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Negin Ehtesabian Lichty

Most of my art practice has been focused on interdisciplinary research-based art projects,  intercultural collaborative art, and digital/new media art. 

Also, I'm a professional illustrator for 20 years.

I have illustrated more than 35 picture books for children and adults, published in Iran, Italy, Germany, India, China, Taiwan, Canada, and Turkey; and has been an Independent sticker‐based street artist since 2015, and also several of her mural and urban designs still can be found in Tehran.

I have some experience as a writer too: several of my articles about illustration and culture, and exhibition reports have been published in Iranian art magazines such as Pajooheshnameh Adabiat and Tandis  + + + + + + ..., being the author of 5 picture bookshaving my short stories and poems published in online literature's magazines (Labyrinth, Eghbal newspaper, Hamshahri newspaper...) 2004-9 and in the year catalog of emerging Iranian writers in 2009  

Other Experiences  
**Mural art and urban design

      (Tehran and Mashhad municipal)
**Leading illustration and art workshops
Tehran, Tabriz, Ardabil/Iran, New Delhi, Chennai,  Vededora
        /India, Limassol/ Cyprus)

**Teaching art to children (Reza Abbasi Museum,
      and private class/Tehran)

**magazine art directing (Pendar Youth Magazine)
**stage and accessory design for theater   
(Sureh Art University) for children's theater (The 
    Institute for
​ the Intellectual Development of Children
     and Young Adults/ Kanoon Parvaresh)

**performance, and video art
**Concept and character design for animation
**2008-2012 moderating the Iranian team in the group Intercultural collaborative new media art projects "IRUS art" and “My Night/Your Day” between Iranian and American artists founded by Morehshin Allahyari and her collaborators and led the Iranian teams through several collaborative exhibitions in the USA and Canada.

Selected Awards:  
  •  2014 & 18   *The Little Black Fish prize, Children Book Council of Iran (CBC/ Iran IBBY)
  •  2016            *honorary mentioned for one of the three best illustrators in the past 30 years                             of Iranian picture books, The Center for Literature Studies, University of                                   Shiraz, Iran
  • 2013            *Awarded the third prize in graphic art at the 30th International Fajr Theater                                  Festival, Iran
  • 2007            *The Plaque of the 44th Golden Pen of Belgrade                                                      (9th International Golden Pen), Serbia   +                                                                                         
  • 2005             *The second prize of the second Art Biennial of Islamic Countries, Imam Ali                                  Museum/ Tehran, Iran
  • 2004            *The Encouragement Prize of Noma Concurs, UNESCO awards, Japan
  • 2004 & 5     *Awarded in the 6th and 11th Children Books and Press Festival of The                                           Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, for                             illustration and graphic design


WhatsApp Image 2022-04-27 at 9.38.15 PM.jpeg
**Patrick Lichty 
(my husband and fellow artist)
with my artworks for our npt Googled Earth project,
at "Digital and Beyond" The First Techspressionists Art Show,
Southampton Art Center, New York, USA 2022
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