Writing With Four Hands

A performance for the Online Performance Art Festival, NPT (in collaboration with Patrick Lichty)

"Conceptual Frame: In the virtual, meaning is created in networked social space in real-time.

When one or more writer/performers meet, whether in social media or shared online spaces like Google Docs, the dance of communication is delicate and chimeric. Ehtesabian (Iran) and Lichty (US) performed the writing of real-time prose in Google Docs with only a timeline and a general score to perform from.

This mimics the ad-hoc communication and delicate negotiation inherent in mediated spaces.

Technical: For this performance, each artist takes turns writing improvisational prose for one minute on a shared Google Doc, after such time the other artist will write for one minute, and the other artist will “process” the earlier text, annotate, or otherwise intervene.

Image, text, sound are all possible. Publish the result as a chapbook.