Artist Statement

My practice explores the human condition and how we relate to one another based on our lived experience, our life stories, and our resulting sense and sensibilities.

I am interested in communication and connection between artists and how this provides opportunities for collaborations amongst specialists in various fields of practice. The space between the artwork and the audience, the world among them that is being understood and communicate, and whatever happens in that space, is the aim of the artwork; so what happens in the whole practice, is more important than the result itself.

I love stories, especially when they are a mixed-up of reality and the imaginary/personal understanding world inside their mind. Stories could be historical and real or folkloric and mythical, but they all connect us in the same way. I believe human nature has been never changed, people might have learned more information and techniques, but they still feel and understand the same way they did thousands of years ago. Sometimes I like to take a critical view of social, cultural, or political issues and sometimes I want to share and experience a new story myself. To see what happens if... and tell that story.

I believe storytelling connects people in a way that lets them feel and understand another person's life experiences and that stories also become a part of their own life because it is a part of their memories too. So that makes us able to understand others and have more tolerance and compassion towards others. Shared memories of cultural experiences are a big part of any society and by sharing more of them, the world is being more of one society.

When you can watch the same film, read the same book, having the same mind experiences, no matter where you are, it makes you more similar, more connected, more understanding of each other’s world, than people who just live in the same space, city, country. Because your minds actually are living in the same space.

Neginete 2020

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