2021   -Digital and Beyond: Techspressionists show, Southampton Art Center, NY, USA  + + + +  +  + + +   

            -The Forest Collective Art Show, NeMe Art Center, Limassol, Cyprus 

            -RUDE: An Art Show, a group show/event, Lorimer, Brooklyn, NY, USA

            -Be Mine 2022, An Invitational Valentines Art Exhibition, the Greenleaf Art Center Chicago, Illinois, USA

2021  -Through the Mesh: Media, Borders and Firewalls, NeMe Art Center, Limassol, Cyprus

            + video interview

            -Critical Abstraction New Media Art show, University of Wyoming/ USA

            -Two Zero Two One, International Collaborative Art Space, Tasmai, Pondicherry, India

            -Techspressionism Brooklyn, NFT art event and show, NY, USA

            - Techspressionism Annual show 2021, Kunstmatrix , Metaverse

            - NFT Now, a Techspressionist Exhibition, Kunstmatrix , Metaverse

            -Art Was Only Substitute for the Internet, ArtSubstitute,  The Wrong Biennale pavilion

           - Devotion, TenDevotedThe Wrong Biennale pavilion

           -Artbox Projects show, The Artbox Gallery, Barcelona/ Spain

           -Sharjah Book Fair Illustration Exhibition/ United Arab Emirates


2019.   -The International Poster Competition, Mumedi Design Museum/ Mexico

             -Sharjah Book Fair Illustration Exhibition/ United Arab Emirates

             -The First International Caricature Contest, Baku/ Azerbaijan

             -ØUTBREAK art show, White Page Gallery, Sudden Gallery solo show, as a part of the

              WPG/s network, part of  Linea Festival, based in Italy   +


2018.  -Fables Remain, curating and showing at the group illustration exhibition, Dena

                Gallery, Tehran, and Hess Gallery, Karaj/ Iran

            -New Pictures from Iran, Ladislava, Sutnarka Gallery, Pizen / Czech Republic


2017   -The 26th Biennial of Illustration of Bratislava BIB 2017/ Slovakia

            -Mostra di Illustratori Iranian, Laboratorio Formeninti, Milan/ Italy     


2016   -Anaarestan and Eardbeerland, Ausstellungszentrum Pyramid Art Gallery, Berlin/ Germany

            -Medusa and Stone Puppets, Solo Exhibition, Dena Gallery, Tehran/ Iran

            -Chahar Baagh (Persian Garden), Museum of Contemporary Art, Isfahan/ Iran

            -The First Stone, SaNg Art Collaborative Project art show, Apadana Gallery, Isfahan/ Iran


2015.  -International Fairy Tale Illustration Art Show, The Cultural Center Pyramid, Berlin/ Germany

           -Anaarestan, The 11th IBBY Regional Conference by USBBY, New York/ USA

           -Jahan Pahlevan (Takhti) new media art show, Shirin Gallery, Tehran/ Iran

           -New Pictures from Iran, Silkeborg Bad Art Center/ Denmark


2014    -I Am Spring, Nowruz International Festival art show, Cultural Center of Iran embassy in

                 Baku/  Azerbaijan            

             - “Ex-Change(s)” SaNg Art Collaborative Projects, Chazou Gallery, B.C/ Canada

             -Anaarestan Illustration Exhibition, Copenhagen, Orestad Bibliotek/ Denmark

2013     -Oslo International Rumi Festival, Norway

              -The 6th Tehran Illustration Biennial, Saba Cultural Center, Tehran/ Iran          -

              -Anaarestan Illustration Show, The International Youth Library, Munich/ Germany

              - Your Night/ My Day New Media art show in CAMCSI, University of North Texas/ USA

              - The 7th International Triennial of Stage Poster Sofia/ Bulgaria

              -The 33rd Mini Print International of Cadaques at the Taller Galeria Fort, Cadaques/ Spain

              -Lessedra Gallery Annual Print Exhibition/ Bulgaria


2012     -Illustratie Biennale, The Blue Noise Art Show, Netherlands

              -Iranian Illustration Collection, Berlin’s Neurotitan Gallery in Frappante eV, Hamburg/ Germany

              -The Sharjah Book Fair Illustration Exhibition, UAE

              -The Annual Visual Art Fair in Iran’s Artists’ House, Design exhibition, Momayez Gallery        


               -Cento Sapori Italiani, Cento Illustrazioni Iraniane exhibition, Stazione Leopolda,

                    Florence/ Italy  


2011      -The First Expo of Iranian Illustration, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin-Mitte/ Germany


2010      -The Third International Biennial of Zagreb/ IBBY Croatia


2009      -Padova International Illustration Biennial, “I Colori del Sacro”/ Italy

               -IRUS, The International Intercultural Collaborative New Media Art Projects, Andeken Gallery,

                   Denver, Colorado / USA  (and in 2010 in the Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago/ USA

               -Dreams of Drawing Dreams, Giulio Cavazza Gallery, Bologna, Italy


2008       -Tetrio Art Competition, Associazione Culturale Teatro, Chioggia/ Italy

                -The Third International Exhibition of Children's Books of Barreiro/ Portugal


2007       -Iranian Literary Masterpieces Illustration Festival, Niavaran Gallery, Tehran/ Iran

                -The 44th International Biennial of Illustration of Belgrade/ Serbia

                -The 21st Bratislava Illustration Biennial (BIB2007) / Slovakia

 2006.       -Billeder Fra Iran, Illustration exhibition, Copenhagen/ Denmark

                  -Nostalgic Future, The 15th Noma Concourse for Picture Book Illustration by UNESCO,

                       Noma/ Japan      

                  -The First International Biennial of Zagreb- IBBY, Galerija Klovicevi Dvori/ Croatia


2005        -The 44th International Biennial of Belgrade, Galerija Progres/ Serbia

                 -The First Biennial of Islamic World Poster Design, Imam Ali Museum,



2004        -The International Illustration Exhibition of Centre de Promotion du Livre de Jeunesse,

                      Paris/ France   


2003       -The 43rd International Biennial of Illustration of Belgrade, Galerija Progres/ Serbia  


2002       -The 5th Tehran Biennial of Illustration (TIBI), Niavaran Gallery/ Iran

Other activities: 


2022       -One of the Jurors at the Weird Media exhibition, IDMAA Conference, Winona State

                  University, MN, USA

                -NPT Talk with Design and Multimedia students, at the Masaryk University, 

                   Brno, Czech Republic

                -Femme Tech, presentation at Techspressionism Salon no.43 

                -El arte como huída para las mujeres en Irán, represented on daily newspaper, Spain 

                -Cover story: Negin Ehtesabian, Represented by Yathrae Magazine, India

                -SHOW & TELL: COLLAGE, presentation at Techspressionism Salon no.40 

                -Artist Talk: Techspressionism Digital and Beyond, Clubhouse discussion

                -Art in Iran: A Way of Protest and Empowerment for Women, represented on Catalonia TV, Spain

                -International Reception, presentation at Techspressionism Salon no.42


2021       -Workshop for artists at NeMe Art Center, Limassol, Cyprus 

                -Curating the show "We Don't Fall" Iranian Emerging Digital Artists 

                -Represented by Yathrae Magazine, India

                -Techspressionist members Collab #2 exhibition, Kunstmatrix, based in NY/ USA

                -Co-founding of

                -Participated in [-empyre-] Cornell-Listev discussion, Vol 191, with "Time-Archiving Journal" article

                -Techspressionist members Collab #1 exhibition, Kunstmatrix, based in NY/ USA

                -Had a presentation at Techspressionism Salon no.13

                -Had a presentation in the Artist Meet-up at the Developmental and Community Art Instructor, San                    Pedro Art Center

                -Represented by ZH Art Magazine based in the US

2020       -Giving a talk at the Iranian Illustrator's Society discussion plan for Iran Illustration Week

                -Live video performance, Reading Human Rights, NPT projects, in the Worldwide Reading for                              Democracy and Freedom of Expression, ILB/ International Literature Festival, Berlin/ Germany

                -Becoming a techspressionist artist

                -Being interviewed by the Iranian Illustrator's Society website, and

                     Hamshahri Youth magazine in Iran,

                     Katha Organization in India, 

                     And Do Art Sanat Dergisi in Turkey

2019          -Art direction and illustration, Tirgan Magazine, Canada

                  -Participating in live video performance in the Worldwide Reading for Democracy and                                       Freedom of Expression, ILB (International Literature Festival,

                       Berlin) NPt Projects, Germany

                  -The Online Performance Art Festival, Live Video Performance, NPt Projects, / based in Serbia


2018         -Writing the introduction note, for The showcase book of Ardabil Illustrators,

                       Ardabil Bookfair, Iran

                  -jury member, and writing the introduction note, The Annual show book of

                       Isfahan Illustrators, Iran

                  -Leading mix-media workshops in Ardabil Art and Culture Centre, Iran

                  -Street art project and photography for Tirgan Festival Magazine, Canada


2017         -Jury member, and writing the introduction note, for The Annual book of Iranian illustrators, Iran

                 -Talk and workshop in Character Design, in the Kara cultural institute, by the Art and Culture                               Dialogue forum (Gap) in Tabriz

                 -Leading  illustration workshop for art academy/college teachers Master class, Tehran/ Iran

                 -Leading illustration workshop in the Parsi youth center, Tooma art group, Tehran/ Iran   

                 -Leading art workshop, The First Symposium of Ardabil Visual Art Ordibehesht,

                     Fadak cultural Institution, Ardabil/ Iran

                 -Giving a talk at the picture books panel discussion, Imam Reza University of

                     Mashhad’s cultural conferences


2016       -Giving a talk in the“Bright Room” discussion plans by the Iranian Illustrators Society,

                     Iran's Artists House, Tehran/Iran


2015       -Mentoring and leading a series of workshops for Indian school students,

                     Katha Utsav festival, New Delhi, Chennai, and Vadodara/ India


2014       -Giving a talk in the “Bright Room” discussion plans by the Iranian Illustrators Society,

                     Iran's Artists House, Tehran/Iran

               -Collaborating in the exhibition of the collection of Iranian children's books,

                     the Library of the Fontys University of Applied Science, Sittard, the Netherlands


2011       -Giving a Talk and Show the video art (The Box), The New Media Panel Show

                    "The Romantic Self-Exiles", Zane Bennett Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


2008        -Art director and graphic designer of MFT IT magazine, Iran

                -Publishing critical articles about illustration and culture in Tandis weekly magazine, Iran


2006       -Illustration for UNESCO wall calendar of ACCU, the Year 2008, called "Nostalgic Future", Japan


2005      -Illustration for the school books for the Ministry of Education and Science and selected in the                           School Books Festival’s Exhibition and Show Book, Saba Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran