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 This series was designed for Micro-Theater shows by the Leev Theater Group, in Arasbaran Cultural House in Tehran, Iran between 2012 to 2014. 

I chose the Qajar period Lithography style and the presence of any type of chair as the uniform design of the series.

The chair is the scene of the play here, and It is a reminder of the theater that is performed by little objects: A world as little as the top of a chair! The posters were printed in 100 * 70 and bigger and became identical for the series of shows.

This series also was chosen for some poster design exhibitions, such as: 

***2013 Awarded in the 30Th International Theater Festival/ Iran

***2013 July Selected in the 7th International Triennial of Stage Poster Sofia

3 Hashareh.jpg
4 Abre Surati.jpg
7 IT Poster Masalan Bazi.jpg
5 Kalanshahr websize poster.jpg
6 Dr Noon.jpg
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