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The Box / Video Art, 2011

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 The performance is about Self Censorship and Emigration; that metaphoric box of social and cultural boundaries which are built as soon as you are born; let you grow only as much as its space lets you. The box is made by all those social rules, traditions, and families' values; It is also your social class, family background, and even your body/face/health condition. So this box is as real as you think it is, and it is not easy to break or leave it.

On the other hand, if we call life experiences a collection of passionate music that one wishes to hear, to understand, and do the best dance with each one of them, the box's limited space traps your movements; shapes them in a way that is unexpected and out of your personal control.  Maybe one-day you give up, and decide not to dance anymore; Or as a middle eastern you might think emigration would be a solution and you will be free of the box as soon as the environment changes and you’ll dance freely ever after.

Now the real story begins here: you ran away from this box, but you still carry this invisible box with you, as your very own personal cross! You will soon find out that a lot of those limitations which you were thinking of them as a box outside of you, actually have become a part of you; your movement has been already shaped by them and now the box is inside of you. You carry your self-censorship within all you have learned. 

Sooner or later you realize that you are still a part of your society and your culture, no matter how much of them are your choice, and it is not that easy to grow out of yourself, and the limitations that might not exist anymore. So the box is still here unless you actively come out of it.

Romantic self exile, morehshin allahyari, negin ehtesabian, oliver francis gallery, new media panel show, poster design, neginete

2011, participating in the discussion plan and showing The Box, at The New Media Panel Show "The Romantic Self-Exiles", Zane Bennett Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

*poster design by Neginete

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